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Video is one of the most effective mediums for marketers. South of Madison creates engaging marketing videos for every budget.

People don't want to know what brands are selling, they want to watch stories of people who are like-minded. Video can set the stage for more human interactions between brands and consumers. Why? Because if done correctly, videos don't feel like marketing.


Globally, according to 2018 survey, 54% of consumers say they prefer to see video from a brand or business they support over other types of content.

Even the simplest of videos can go viral with the right subject matter. By tapping into viewers' emotions, video has built-in broad appeal and shareability.


It is important to understand and play to your audience's needs in your videos, and don't mistake "longer" for "better." If your message can be expressed in just a few seconds, don't drag out the length of your video unnecessarily. Remember, the more you say, the less they hear.

Whatever your video marketing needs, we can create videos to amplify your brand - from writing scripts, designing graphics and typography, through to the final edit. 

If you're ready to hit the ground running with video content that will get you noticed, let's connect!

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